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    Tuesday, September 13th, 2011
    2:56 pm
    Frigg App
    Player Information
    » Name: Paul E.
    » Age: 28
    » Journal: N/A
    » Contact: drdoom83@hotmail,com, AIM is the same

    Deity Information
    » Pantheon: Norse
    » Deity: Frigg
    » Reference:, Byock, Jesse. Trans. The Prose Edda (2006) Penguin Classics ISBN 0140447555
    » Divine Family: Odin{spouse}; Balder{son}; Thor, Hermóðr, Heimdallur, Týr, Bragi, Víðarr, Váli, Skjöldur, and Höðr{stepchildren}
    » Mythology:

    In Norse mythos, Frigg is the wife of Odin, and queen of the Norse pantheon. Save Odin himself, Frigg was considered the most influential member of the pantheon. In fact, she was the only other god permitted to sit on Odin's high seat, Hlidskjalf, which he used to look out over the universe. She is associated as being a goddess of prophecy, but usually does not speak of what she sees. Primarily she is a patroness of married women, and was called upon to aid in childbirth. In fact, the sedative, Lady's Bedstraw, was often called Frigg's grass by Scandinavians who used it as a sedative. She had her own hall in Asgard called Fensalir.

    One of the most famous stories of Frigg, was her role in the story of her son, Balder's, death. He had had a series of dreams that foretold his death. Being a popular member of the pantheon, they gathered to discover a way to prevent this. Frigg has all things, including diseases, animals, objects, and living beings take an oath that swore they would not harm Balder. Loki had grown angry at Balder's newfound invulnerability due to a series of amusements by the other gods who threw all sorts of objects at Balder to showcase his new status. In disguise Loki visited Frigg, tricking her into revealing that: "A shoot of wood grows west of Valhalla. It is called mistletoe, and it seemed too young for me to demand its oath." Loki would use this information would trick the blind-god, Hodr, into shooting it at Balder, killing him. She would later ask for someone to brave Hel in order to partition for Balder's life. Heimdallur would volunteer. Balder was eventually restored.

    Aside from this more well-known story, Frigg has been involved in other tales. One of which was during a time Odin was gone for a very long period of time, his brothers Vili and Ve ruled in his stead. When it seemed Odin wouldn't return, they divided his holdings, but also tried to share Frigg between them. As being married to Frigg would legitimize their rule as kings. Odin would return and resume control. Loki would mock Frigg by claiming she had betrayed Odin with both brothers, but there was no evidence that she had.

    Another story shows Frigg's intelligence and knowledge of her husband with which she uses to do what she feels is best inspite of his stubbornness. There were two warring tribes, the Winnili and the Vandals. Odin favored the Vandals while Frigg preferred the Winnili. The two had a heated debate about it before Odin declared that he'd rule in favor of whichever tribe he saw when he saw first upon waking up in the morning. Odin did this because he knew full-well that his bed faced the Vandals and thus he'd see them first and win. Frigg went to the women of the Winnili, and told them to comb their hair over their faces to make them look like beards. Frigg also maneuvered the bed so that when Odin awoke, it would be the women he'd see first. Frigg's plan went like a charm, Odin saw the "men" and asked who they were, forcing him to choose the Winnili. Eventually Odin would realize that Frigg's choice had been the correct one in the long run. This incident would give the tribe their more modern name Langobards (longbears), which would later be Anglicized into Lombards.

    Character Information
    » Played By: Rosario Dawson
    » Journal: [info]the_all_mother
    » Current Name: Tess Lawson
    » Birthdate: 4/23/1977
    » Height: 5'7"
    » Distinguishing Marks: Frequently wears earrings
    » Family: Linda Lawson(Olvide) & Mark Lawson{mother & father}; Gwen Larson{sister}; Henrique Lawson{brother}; Thor{terrier}
    » Occupation: Wedding Planner
    » Currently Residing In: Miami, Florida
    » Ability: Frigg has a variation of her prophetic abilities, but she cannot summon them at will. They seemingly appear at random, but are frequently insightful once figured out. She is naturally persuasive, and is able to convince even the most stubborn of people the validity of her arguments. This is not hypnotism, rather it makes the person listening acknowledge the point and cannot simply dismiss it. This can also work as a soothing affect on those she speaks to. She is also a veteran wedding planner, and has even a few celebrity marriages under her belt. It is notable that those she has done have typically last longer than the standard for such unions.

    » History: Tess Lawson has had visions of the past for most of her life. As far as she can tell, these were past lives. In some she was the wife of a Mexican revolutionary, who guided her husband to successfully fight the corrupt government. In another she was a servant and confidante to Catherine the Great, and often contributed ideas to the Russian empress. One was the life of a simple midwife, who administered to the women of a German village.

    Her parents, Mark & Linda Lawson, knew about these visions, but kept it quiet so Tess wouldn't be maligned or treated as a modern-day kook. Upon entering high-school, she began to have different types of visions. These were glimpses of possible futures, usually the immediate future. She used these insights to avoid a great deal of trouble over the years. It also turned her into something of a matchmaker, as she had an instinctive idea of what two people went well together. In fact, several friends from high-school she "hooked-up", would wind up having long-lasting and happy marriages.

    It wasn't until recently, when she took a job in New York that she saw a picture of Erik Greyson. When she did, it triggered a new vision, one of a mystical place with godlike beings. After sorting through it, she realized she was one of them. In fact, she was their queen, the goddess Frigg. She has not yet become comfortable with the idea that she was a goddess, and is currently coming to grips with the ramifications.

    » Personality: Tess is a kind-hearted woman, who is often bursting with enthusiasm among those she is comfortable with. She is also highly intelligent, and is not afraid to manipulate events to get the job done. A reasonably devout Catholic, her recent discovery of godhood has shaken her a bit, making her uncomfortable with discussing such things at length. Already somewhat liberal-minded for her parents' tastes, she is reluctant to share her most recent vision with them. Although a faithful Catholic, she believes more in the spirit of the Church's teachings than the specifics of papal doctrine. Thus, though she may do things that contradict some of the tenets of Catholicism, she always attempts to follow the example of Christ. She is an honest woman who doesn't lie, rather she prefers turn-of-phrase and fine print when she prefers not to go through with something.

    » Other Notes: Tess is allergic to mistletoe, it causes her to have a condition similar to hay-fever. She speaks fluent Spanish, taught to her by her Cuban mother. She is also a capable dancer, particularly in the Latin styles. While straight herself, she acknowledges that sometimes one's true love is of the same sex and doesn't discriminate when it comes to gay marriages. Though it's a sore subject between her and her parents, who consider this view flawed.

    » Sample Journal: Good grief, these two are driving me crazy. These two are so wrong for each other, it's damn near sad. The guy was a kind, shy sort, while the woman was a pushy, full-of-herself airhead. Still, it's good money..and I've already done so much work. Then again, I've done what I was hired to do, maybe I can fix this...

    » Sample Log: Okay, it was official, Tess knew she had to do something. She had been in the middle of discussing floral arrangements when she had a vision. Turned out the puta of a bride was off banging one of the ushers in the dressing room. She growled to herself at the idea of arranging this marriage's details. So she decided to set off a series of events.

    "Ben, could I get a picture with your tuxedo?" Tess asked the prospective groom. "I want to see how it looks against the background."

    "Sure, Miss Lawson." The young man headed for the dressing room.

    Tess quickly, but so as to look casually, made her way over to a young woman she knew as a friend to the groom. She could also noticed the moon-eyed way she'd look at him when he wasn't looking.

    "Nadia, I understand you're a musician. Could you come over to where the DJ will be and go over some of the music?"

    "Um..sure, Miss Lawson." The woman's reluctance was obvious, but she was trying to be a good friend.

    Tess led her to the spot, which just so happened to be in the pathway to the dressing room. Nadia began to discuss the song titles. 3, 2, 1, Tess counted down in her head. Like clockwork Ben stormed out of the dressing room, red-eyed and angry. Behind him came his bride, clearly disheveled with a "I just got laid" look on her face, which she was desperately trying to get rid of. The two exchanged some angry words until Ben shouted the wedding was off.

    Not too long after he left, Nadia spoke up. "I'm sorry, Miss Lawson, I have to talk to him." As she ran out, the bride came to her.

    "That asshole called off the wedding! I hate to say it, but you've done all this for nothing."

    "Nothing?" Tess asked a little amused. "You know you still owe me my pay."

    "Newsflash lady, my dad agreed to pay for a wedding, there's no wedding, therefore you don't get paid."

    Tess casually removes a form from her jacket. "Please read this. You should find he last paragraph particularly interesting. The one that says even in the event the marriage does not take place, I still need to be paid for the time I've spent here along with the services rendered while here."

    The woman's face was red, but said nothing, realizing there was nothing she could do as she handed the form back to Tess.

    "I'll discuss the details with your father tomorrow. Have a nice day." Tess walked away from the girl and went outside where she saw Ben giving Nadia an affectionate hug. Tess smiled to herself. She loved it when a plan came together.
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